Prabakaran Has Done To Tamils What No Dutugemunu Could Do

By S.Rasalingam

The comments by various people show how foolishly we tamils continue to glorify violence, suicide and terror. We began all this in 1939 with G.G. Ponnambalam attacking the Sinhalese in a virulent speech in1939, resulting in the first Sinhala Tamil Riot, fully exploited politically by SWRDBanda and other Sinhala chauvinists.

After the war SJV and others used every chance to gore the government instead of building bridges. They spurned the left leaders who stood for parity and preferred to hob-nob with their Col-7 capitalist leaders.

Our Colombo-Tamil leaders arrogantly started the ball rolling, and even claimed that they are “ready for state terror”. The local militants realized that they were being bamboozled by the Colombo set, and they captured control, killed those leaders, our best men and women, and made cannon fodder out of our children.

Look at this partial list:

1. The JR government in 1977 granted ALL the demands on language etc., that the previous Tamil organizations had asked for. But we could not profit from it, because by then we were under the gun of Prabakaran.

2. India came in and merged North and East, and provided an honourable framework. But we reengaged the whole thing and started another war. Prabakaran would have been annihilated by the IPKF if not for Premadasa.

3.Further accommodation was possible under Premadasa. But we reengaged him and killed the 600 police who surrendered.

4. Under Chandrika we had the far reaching constitutional proposals by Neelan Thiruchelvan, but we replied by assassinating him.

5.Incredible concessions were made by the Ranil Wickremasinghe government with the Cease Fire agreement. But we used it to stock up arms, get ready for another war and made sure of such a war by preventing Ranil’s Victory.

This list of 5 does not include the innumerable other chances that had been offered. Why would any
politician think that a political solution is possible with VP?

So, why are were talking of a political solution?

LTTE has always worked for a military solution. This Anuradhapura attack is the same old Killinochchi wine that Bishop Chikera is now peddling and desecrating even the Eucharist. The LTTE does NOT want a political solution. It wants a military solution from the barrel of a gun. In the process it will destroy the Ceylon tamils by destroying the future generation. How many tamils are now left in the Vanni? What is the percentage of Tamils in Sri Lanka today? The CIA world fact book says that there is now only about 5% Tamils in SL!

Instead of executing this attack on the Anuradhapura military camp, if Prabakaran had declared that HE IS FOR A FEDERAL SOLUTION and that HE WILL PEACEFULLY CONTEST ELECTIONS EVERYWHERE IN SRI LANKA, do you think ANY SINHALA POLITICIAN of any worth could OPPOSE IT? Even the most extreme “unitary man” would have to take up the historic chance.

Even many Sinhala might vote for Prabakaran if he had the capacity to the right thing. But a “Venkai” does not change its spots.

Instead, for 30 years, he has led the Tamils on the path of destruction and suicide. Foolish Tamils, drunk with the venom of hate sing in his praise.

I lay the whole blame on Prabakaran.

for destroying the Ceylon Tamils. He is the biggest friend of Sinhala Chauvinists. Prabakaran has done what no Dutugemunu could ever do – reduce the Tamil areas to a prison for the Tamils, reduce the reputation of Tamils all over the world, kill our next generation and convert the remainder into war-mongering youngsters unfit for civilian life. The adults have been reduced to displace persons.

School principles and Temple dignitaries have been assassinated.

Only the Tamils living in cozy comfort in the foreign lands can continue to rattle their swords, mesmerized by Prabakaran’s war games which have destroyed the Tamil people, and impoverished the Sinhala as well.

Nothing is possible for the Ceylon Tamils until Prabakaran is a factor in the balance of power. Tamils need educated leaders with a vision fit for today’s global village.

Editor’s Note: Written By S.Rasalingam, as reader’s comment for the article, In the Aftermath of the A’Pura Attack.


  1. george said,

    October 31, 2007 @ 10:10 pm

    it is a good article. Sesible

  2. Puwan said,

    October 31, 2007 @ 10:43 pm

    ‘God alone knows the future, but only an historian can alter the past.’ – Ambrose Bierce

  3. WM VIRAJ said,

    October 31, 2007 @ 11:07 pm

    Prabhakaran & LTTE has killed more Tamil people than any other party in this conflict; He has eliminated all other fighting groups, Tamil parties to get more power in to his hand.

    Now recent attack in Air force base is to keep LTTE supporters in his control, loosing 21 Black Tigers.

    When Pentagon (CIA head quarters) attacked on 9/11, No body divulge any details of Pentagon attack. What USA Politician and media did, HELP WHO EVER LEADERS to protect country from terrorism?.

    What our media & International supporters now doing, after this attack. They are telling LTTE is much better than State Army or Leadership OF SL. Doing exactly what LTTE Needs, so those media, NGO & international supporters, you are worse than LTTE. You are praying 24 hours for LTTE win.

    It is up to the people to decide Democracy or Terrorism.
    Both will never work together.

    USA, UK, Australia..Other countries got WAR on Terror.

    Russia, China & India have recently agreed no support directly or indirectly for Terrorism.

    So where LTTE or these supporters (Media who is carrying LTTE flag, NGO & Other international supporters) will will end up.

  4. K. Rajaratnam said,

    October 31, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

    Who is this S Rasalingam? related to Gotabaya Rajapakse? No Tamil I know of, wants a legislative structure with A Sinhalese or Muslim to oversee as the only successfl arrangement for resolving the ethnic problem. The autheri s therefore a Sinhala extremist. The power devolution is an arrangement where the discriminated minority is in charge of its own affairs and not supervised by a colonial master.

  5. . said,

    October 31, 2007 @ 11:55 pm

    SL is too small to be federal

  6. . said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 12:03 am

    It’s just a matter of getting rid of all
    the racist tamils who are creating vialonce. There are millions of non racist patriotic tamils in Colombo and in other part of southern SL living happily.

  7. . said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 12:09 am

    Most of the racists tamils are products of ltte. From the young age they have been brain washed with racist ideas. This is why the just a terrorist conflict has turned in to an ethnic conflict.
    The terrorism has to be stopped and rehabilitate all the innocent tamil children (thousands of them) who have been raped and destroyed by the ltte.

  8. A.Rajasingam said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 1:18 am

    Mr.S.Rasalingam has expressed his own view correctly to which he is entitled. There are two sides to a coin. Sinhalese and Tamils must accept that our past leaders both Sinhala and Tamil should be blamed. Though the root cause for the blunders of our leaders have germinated about 50 years back, today it has become a gigantic issue. Neverthless, until the mid-1970s we all had enjoyable life in every field with our Sinhalese people in spite of the standardization created by Badurdeen Mohamed who was instrumental for the division among the races. At that time Badurdeen never thought of establishing open universities which was later established during Athulathmudali‘s period. I know very well how he introduced some meaningful courses in the universities. This was due to short sighted policies of the politicians and never had far sighted thinking. Further, there was a case in the Supreme Court that the Tamils has the right absolute right to file plaints in Tamil language for which the Mr.S.Thiyagalingam Q.C. with S,Mahendran P.C. appeared. But has anyone filed any papers in Tamil after that? However, this is about the use of Tamil language. So Tamils also should be partly blamed. However, only the Sinhalese political leaders (for their own survival) were reluctant to allocate powers and funds to the North-East Provincial Council giving a false picture of federalism, for which the common Sinhalese cannot be blamed. I must state that the Sinhalese is a noble race to move with because I had the experience of moving with them at the University. It must be accepted that during the 1983 riots the Sinhalese cannot be fully blamed for those uncivilized looting and murder. Even my house was burnt and it is the Sinhalese who came to our rescue. No one can deny that there were number of cases where Muslims, Indian Tamils and Sinhalese (labour classes and Nadaamais) from Keselwatte and Maligawatte were brought to books. On the contrary number of Sinhalese were visiting the refugee camps and providing food and clothing. Of course damage is done. But why can’t the average man asks his conscience as to who was behind the riot. Who were the people behind Cyril Mathew with his Jathika Sevaya to master mind this 1983 riot? Why did they set a land mine in which six soldiers died? Did the LTTE had a fear that the TELO might stage a Israeli type of Commando operation at Welikade to release those prisoners, given the facts that TELO had launched two successive attacks (one at Chavakachcheri and other at Murukandy)? Was there any fear that Dr.Neelan Thiruchelvam, Laxman Kadirgamar and Amirthalingam will explain the merits of federalism and will bridge the gap between the Sinhalese and the Tamils? Why should Dr.Neelan Thiruchelvam, Laxman Kadirgamar and Amirthalingam be murdered? Has any one moved with these people? Thereafter the people (both Tamils and the Sinhalese) were silenced with the bullet and that period saw migration of both Sinhalese and the Tamils. Thereafter, the greed for power by politicians has become history to which the JVP‘s stand is a clear evidence.

  9. thamilachi21 said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 4:11 am

    dear DBS

    the post number 34 is not mine. it was addressed to me by someone yesterday. can you please delete my name and place that person’s name.

    thank you kindly!!

  10. ranasinghe said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 8:35 am

    it makes me really sad to see all this hostility and lack of trust written in these comments. No one sinhalese person started this conflict. Everyone was born into this distrust which has existed in a small or large way for centuries. (that is my opinion) Its the same with Tamilians. No one person started this conflict. So no one is to blame. But everyone gets dragged in. Can’t you see that. Everyone is a human being and there is no such person as a Sinhalese or Tamilian. Its just human beings born in this island that get dragged into taking sides and distrusting the other for NO REASON.

  11. Patriot said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 8:35 am

    Eric Nirmalan,

    Yes agreed that the majority language (80%) is sinhalese . This means 20% are speak tamil or are bilingual/trilingual and tamil is also a national language and therefore the government must make sure that tamil is also an equal working language in the country. Why not hire from south india if there isnt enough professionals with tamil language proficiency?

    I also believe that the segregation that we find in the school system makes the problems worse since from an early age, tamil and sinhala children go to separate schools. So why cant there be a system where two sinhala schools get twinned as sister or brother schools with a tamil school and make sure that at least three times a year, there is a mixing of students from the tamil and sinhala schools? If the children from the different ethnic groups get segregated from an early age, then the result is that when disputes surface, violence is thought to be a solution. However, if from an early age, the children of the three ethnic groups mix, then lasting bonds of friendships are formed which would hopefully last forever.

    The recent attack on the airbase for example, thirty three youth died who should have been friends and who probably in a different age and era would have been playing cricket with each other and yet sadly, in this era, killed each other.

    Political solutions aside, the sri-lankan government can implement the above remedies quite easily and should do so now if there is to be benefits in the future.

  12. RajasH said,

    November 2, 2007 @ 6:34 pm

    you guys have nothing else to do other than Tamils post with Sinhala name and Sinhala post with Tamil name?

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