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April 01, 2009

Madharasa Functions Suspended in Ampitiya, Kandy

A group of Buddhists including monks had gone to the Ampitiya Usman Quran Madharsa in Kandy on Saturday the 21st instant and warned the use of Madharasa as a mosque. They also warned the Imam functioning there to vacate the Madharasa immediately.

The Madharasa, constructed for the benefit of a number of Muslim families living in Ampitiya, was used by them for five time prayers since long but not for Jummah prayers. This Madharasa has been registered with the Muslim Cultural Department and there were no objections to this Madharasa till this incident.

A group headed by more than seven (7) Buddhist Monks entered the premises of the Madharasa and wanted the Imam to vacate the Madharasa immediately and warned that his failure to do so would result in his being forced out from the place and the building being demolished to the ground.

Mobile Police on emergency service had arrived there to settle the matter temporarily and summoned both parties to the Police Station where the Provincial Council Member Lafir Hajiyar was present with the Muslims while Hela Urumaya member and parliamentarian Udawatte Nanda Thera was present with the Buddhist group.

The Buddhist group not willing for a compromise was adamant that this matter should be taken up to the courts to obtain a legal document to prevent any mosque coming up there in the future. The Police have now suspended the functioning of this Madharasa till the case is heard.