Need of the hour is the Political solution

Thousand thanks to Mother India for the Humanitarian aids but need of the hour is the Political solution

Statement By Mano Ganesan

Tamils of this country thank Indian central and Tamilnadu state governments for the forthcoming generous 800T humanitarian aid in ten days from today to the needy in the Vanni region. But the food and medicine cannot substitute the all important power devolved political solution to the national question of Sri Lanka. The need of the hour is the political power devolution beyond 13th Amendment to the Tamil and Muslim people said Civil Monitoring Commission Convener and Western Peoples Front leader parliamentarian Mano Ganesan.

Ganesan said further in his statement, We witnessed Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad sitting with presidential advisor Basil Rajapakse and plenty of state officials in Colombo discussing ways and means for proposed Indian humanitarian aids reaching trapped people in Vanni. We do not need an India for this job. India is needed for better, greater and superior role. All peace loving Sri Lankans want India to push GoSL for fair and reasonable political solution well beyond 13th Amendment. Non other than the suffering people of the Vanni, to whom India is making arrangements to send humanitarian aids, will push LTTE towards real peace talks.

Three basics of the upheavals in Tamilnadu are stop the war, stop the military aid to SLA and send humanitarian aids to the needy in Vanni. The Indian Government virtually dismissed first two and got hold of the last comparatively easy one. The food, medicine and clothing & shelter are already taken care of by the UN and INGOs from Vavuniya. The situation is bad but, these issues are someway being addressed.

We understand that India’s difficulties in adhering to the first two basics dealing with the war. But instead of putting a demand for a ceasefire, India can firmly demand for a political solution beyond 13th Amendment to the Lankan ethnic question. The customary Indian assurances for political solution are not going to comfort the Tamils today. The logistics to a political solution should be tabled.

President Rajapakse’s hurried public commitments for a political solution reported through selected Indian media are not bringing any new hopes to us, the Tamils at the receiving end in this six decade old ethnic struggle. Neither GoSL’s ‘latest statements of understanding’ of Tamilnadu’s concerns for the Tamils in Lanka to the extend of thanking Chief Minister Karunanidhi are convincing the Tamils. Presidents own men in the cabinet and army have dismissed any hope for any political solution. We do not note any intelligent hope for any normalcy to the country. The minister in the so called Tamil-Muslim majority provincial council in the east Mr. Hezbollah of the ruling party is complaining that no power is devolved and everything is centered in Colombo. The change if any is too slow and too small even at the level of provincial council. On the other hand, the phase of the military machine is very speedy and very deadly.

Therefore India is needed here for a political solution. Let our friends in the other parts of the world take care of the humanitarian subject, however difficult it is, as they have been doing for the last two decades.

[Mano Ganesan MP, Leader of Western People’s Front, Convener of Civil Monitoring Commission, President of Democratic Worker’s Congress and Member of Parliament for Colombo District]


There are 3 main issues:

1) Congress Part wanted to stay in power,
2) DMK wanted to stay in power,
3) Rajapakse & Co. wanted to stay in power.

So, the solution is continue fighting and continue sending aids.

Posted by: aratai | November 3, 2008 06:28 PM

Mr Mano Ganesan thanks India for humanitarian aid that Sri Lanka is yet to receive, but overlooks the fact that the Sri Lankan government and the tax money of the majority of the Sri Lankans have been funding the humanitarian aid, hospitals and infrastrcuture of the North for the last 5 decades.

Likes of him insults and ridicules Sri Lanka and its people at every opportunity. With respect to a political solution whether it is below or beyond the 13th amendment to the constitution is a matter to be decided through the parliament and a referandum held throughout the country like any democracy.

Any attempt at forcing a solution down the throat of the majority to make a minority happy will only aggrevate the misery of the minorities. The likes of Mr. Mano Ganesan should realise at least now that unless they get the majority community on their side, there will never be a solution. Therefore, looking to India or to any outsider will only widen the wedge between the majority and the minority.

Posted by: Ari | November 3, 2008 09:00 PM

Mano ganesan should realise that India has no right to intervene in SL.He should be thankful to India for sending food supplies.These SL tamils are demanding from India as if they are Indian citizens.Please understand that you are SL citizen.Hence LTTE and supporters must drop arms and talk to SL govt for above or below 13 amendment.India ,to please TN, will keep sending food supplies ONLY.Whole of India less some small parties is opposed to the idea of helping SL tamils/LTTE.So India can only press for humanitarian aid thro SL govt.

East tamils have gone their way and settled with their own administration.why north tamils consider themselves very special.They must follow their eastern tamil brothers and settle with SL govt peacefully instead of disturbing our peace in TN .India considers LTTE and supporters as enemies and hence will never come to help/intervene now.Knowing India's stance ,LTTE supporters are still crying for help from India.

Posted by: Indian Tamil | November 3, 2008 09:35 PM

As in "Arati's" three main comments above, India is only bluffing the Tamil Nadu people by offering 'sweets' to the SL Tamils! It is a disgrace to them.

India does not even question the delay in letting the UN vehicles take the food items to Vanni - why does it send these to SL - perhaps to feed the Southerners of SL who are starving with their money problems.

If India can not solve the basic human rights of the Tamil people, let it at least refrain from giving arms to SL and stop informing SL of what the LTTE is doing.

Posted by: Canaga | November 4, 2008 01:57 AM

Whats the hurry now? The govts since JRJ had opened the door for political solutions. The door was open for nearly 30 years. I believe its still open for Velupillai to become a deputy in northern provincial council under Douglous Devananda.

Posted by: Panhinda | November 4, 2008 08:26 AM

Dear indian tamil,

First learn our history and put your views. India Govt. made all these mess in our country, and you preaching some thing not relevent to our problems. If you beleive East Tamils happy with the solution go and find out your self in eastern areas.

We tamils weather from east or north better off having separate country than living like slaves in our own land.

Sinhalease never ever accpet a reasonable autonomy for tamils and still their brain works like stone age. We had enough of their ignorent, cant suffer any more.

Posted by: r.veera | November 5, 2008 05:16 AM

Indian Tamil,

Where did you get the idea of LTTE or it's sympatheizers seeking help from India? Is India worthy of seeking help. Didn't they back-stabbed the Tamils numerous times?

The Tamil Nadu people were showing basic humane concern for the plight of hapless Tamil civilians caught in the battle in the north. They were not opposing the S.L battle against the LTTE.

Thank you.

Posted by: Ramesh Sinniah | November 6, 2008 11:39 PM

GoSL is only fighting a proxy war on behalf of India. So how can Mano ask India to intervene except to encourage! Even Kalaignar MK has now come to realise this.

India sans Tamil Nadu is with GoSL. Tamil Nadu is with Eezhlam Tamils. Interesting!

Posted by: 2ndClassTamil | November 7, 2008 11:08 AM

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